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London's calling...

Feb 23, 2022

London’s calling….

I am just back from an intense few days in London meeting prospects and signing up new clients. 

A couple of interesting themes emerged from those days:

-       Everyone is looking for something the rest of the market can’t see – we call it “the edge”

-       People are concerned around how to navigate potentially turning tides – how to protect returns when existing positions are subject to the impact of quantitative tightening

-       Speed is of the essence – combined with “the edge”, it wins more business and with a volatile macro backdrop it can get you to a safe harbour

-       Access and transparency is key – get the data in a user friendly format that can be readily understood and quickly deployed

The debt capital markets are big (like >$100tn big).

The professionals who work in it rely on long-established infrastructure and operate across multiple platforms to convert data into actionable information (note, the two are quite different).

Some people shine in this environment. For others this becomes a point of friction.

My meetings reinforced our belief that expectations are changing.

Debt capital markets professionals are looking for their “Uber moment”. One where access to information is no longer the barrier. That the differentiating factor is how you action it. 

For a business like ours, the opportunity is in partnering with the best of breed established data providers to create a new, more efficient way of doing what needs to be done for the market. 

For that reason, I am grateful for the amazing partners we have alongside us and their support for our vision of how to improve contextualised bond market data.

I am truly excited for the future.

Come see for yourself. Book your demo.

Synch. Bonds unlimited.


Adil Kurt-Elli, CEO

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