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Rise of the machines?

Apr 5, 2022

Rise of the machines?

When I was involved in graduate recruitment events at the bank, students often raised the question of robo-analysts and whether technology was replacing jobs.

I used to explain that no matter how clever an algorithm, you needed market knowledge and experience to programme the robot and give the code “intelligence”.

There was also the need for human contact – how else does an issuer decide which leads to mandate when all banks present the same pricing levels and execution capability?

Then we went and set up SYNCH to deliver a robo-analyst that is full of smart algorithms and clever actionable data.

We designed it so it does not take your job. We designed it to do the stuff you really don’t need or want to do.

By setting personalised parameters, you can leverage SYNCH to remove the time consuming manual processes, light up potential blind spots and remove repetitive tasks so you can focus on your real job – personalised client contact.

Whether you are on the buy-side, sell-side or in a treasury function, our intuitive front end allows you to leverage our smart tools and clever algorithms to source opportunities, optimise risk or improve the positioning of your curve.

Synch unlimits you to focus on your clients. Book your demo to unlock your potential.

Synch. Bonds unlimited.


Adil Kurt-Elli, CEO

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