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Synch goes live

Jan 13, 2022

On 5 January 2022, Synch was launched for fixed income professionals. Offering a fully curated ecosystem to find, analyse and contextualise bond data, Synch is changing the approach to working in the debt markets.

In beta testing, the system received strong positive reviews from bankers, investors and advisors equally. Of particular note was the ability to reduce operating time - both in searching and analysing data. On average, users were able to compress their time spent on data by up to 80%.

Cost being an area of focus for a lot of the market, Synch is also able to offer access to otherwise extremely expensive data sets at a fraction of other providers. This is meant to open up access to data to a broader range of market participants including single family offices, smaller asset managers and boutique advisory firms.

Unleash your team with synch. Book your demo today.


Solutions team

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