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What's in a name?

Jan 13, 2022

Synch is a made up word. Sort of. 

Synch, pronounced sin(t)ʃ/, is really descriptive of who and what we are.

Synch is a derived word from the verb meaning to secure something. It can also be used as the noun - an extremely easy task.

Bond markets can be baffling to figure out. A heady mix of credit, geo-political, macro-economic and currency data swirling around on a tide of fund flows and sentiment. To find data is expensive and once sourced it can be challenging to unpick and interpret.  

At Symplified Capital Markets, we have taken the hard work out of that process by some clever automation and smart algorithms. 

Using an intuitive and easy interface, it is now possible to quickly and efficiently navigate the fixed income oceans. 

Our aim and ambition is simple (or is that symple?). We want transparency of market data and de-mystification of the bond ecosystem so that it is easy for anyone to find information and opportunities. 

If you want a better bond market experience, book your demo today.


Solutions team

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