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Surfs up

Many of you already know that I am a bit of a water baby – just check out my WhatsApp profile pic. Wakeboarding, paddle boarding, surfing, you name it, I’m into it.

With the warmer weather finally here, my thoughts naturally turn to when I might be able to slip off to my favourite spots on the Wild Atlantic Way and grab a few waves followed by a plate of fresh fish and chips and a well-earned pint of Guinness.

Surfing is a phenomenal sport.

There is something revitalising about the mix of tranquillity, intense bursts of energy, the raw power of the tides and the afterglow of spending a few hours rebalancing in salt water. Nothing beats the thrill of patiently waiting for the right set and then catching “that” wave – you have to experience it for yourself.

A bit like surf tides, bond markets ebb and flow – there are trends (a bit like “sets”) and there are better and worse investments (you have to be in the “pocket” to grab the right wave). Experience, patience, a studious approach to when to go into the market (bit like picking out the weather and tidal patterns) are key to having a positive outcome. The aim is to avoid being the “kook” (the surfer who impedes the others and makes mistakes).

There are a few surf apps out there that help you prepare before you get the beach but once on the water, you are on your own.

However, unlike surfers, bond professionals can get support both before and whilst they are dipping their toes into the bond market. Synch helps you to quickly decipher the tides in the bond markets. It allows to you pick you spot or even helps identify alternative bonds (“beaches”) should conditions change or you want to try a different investment (“break”). Synch can even show you the safe water or the giant breaks depending on your risk appetite.

If you want to paddle out into the market, let Synch help you.

Synch is off the hook (“awesome”). Grab your board and your demo now.

Synch. Bonds unlimited.


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